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11 WAYS TO USE MUSLIN SWADDLE BLANKETS 1. SWADDLE BLANKET I can’t forget the obvious choice for using a swaddle blanket for a swaddle, right? For us, they didn’t work to keep our babies contained past a few weeks old but in those first few weeks? They were a dream.... read more

Mother’s Day Connect 2017

  One Hour. Every Mother. Welcoming new moms to the sisterhood of motherhood What do you love about Mother’s Day? The hugs from your children? The treasured, tatty heart-shaped craft your child made you at school? A love letter from your partner? Quality time... read more

Rhubarb & Custard’s Baby Essentials

Rhubarb & Custard is a long-standing supplier of Kids Emporiums stores. It started out more than 10 years ago to promote the concept of babywearing with its non-adjustable Baby Pouch sling. However, when overseas travel systems brands entered the South African... read more

Lily ‘n Jack Snuggle Bunny!

Snuggle up with Lily ‘n Jack   Do you know why babies love the feeling of the satin ears of Lily ‘n Jack Snuggle Bunny?  Quite simple .. For 9 months they have been playing with the umbilical cord which feels just like satin.  How can any baby go without one?... read more

Kids Emporium Maternity Wear? Yes Please!!

Kids Emporium Maternity Wear About Kids Emporium Maternity and Hannah Grace: The concept of KE maternity was born out of the insight behind the need for affordable, functional clothing that is versatile enough to be worn in and out of pregnancy. 99% KE maternity... read more

A Nursery Makeover with Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp

I love makeovers.  Beauty makeovers, those home improvement shows, Hannon on TV giving ladies new lip color and then my ultimate favorite, nursery makeovers. I am so confident in my decorating skills that I never thought I would need this makeover in my home! I LIVE... read more

Teach your kids to help save water

With only 121 days left of water left in the Western Cape, the water crisis has become beyond a serious problem. Let’s spread the word on how to teach our kids to help save water! Follow our Facebook Page to see daily Water Saving Tips for you and your little... read more

Afrodaddy speaks about Carseat safety #CarseatFullstop

Many of you will remember AfroDaddy from our #CarseatFullstop team. He made this awesome video calling people stupid and followed it up with these four truths all dads need to hear. When his littlest son, Eli (1), recently outgrew his infant seat, Tums2Tots got the... read more

Making a Wish come true with Kids Emporium and KFM

Kids Emporium and KFM .. Making dreams come true! Being the season of giving, Kids Emporium leaped at the opportunity to work with KFM’s Make a Wish Initiative.   For years now, our team have been listening closely to the many heartfelt stories and although we are in... read more

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