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A Nursery Makeover with Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp

I love makeovers.  Beauty makeovers, those home improvement shows, Hannon on TV giving ladies new lip color and then my ultimate favorite, nursery makeovers. I am so confident in my decorating skills that I never thought I would need this makeover in my home! I LIVE... read more

Teach your kids to help save water

With only 121 days left of water left in the Western Cape, the water crisis has become beyond a serious problem. Let’s spread the word on how to teach our kids to help save water! Follow our Facebook Page to see daily Water Saving Tips for you and your little... read more

Afrodaddy speaks about Carseat safety #CarseatFullstop

Many of you will remember AfroDaddy from our #CarseatFullstop team. He made this awesome video calling people stupid and followed it up with these four truths all dads need to hear. When his littlest son, Eli (1), recently outgrew his infant seat, Tums2Tots got the... read more

Making a Wish come true with Kids Emporium and KFM

Kids Emporium and KFM .. Making dreams come true! Being the season of giving, Kids Emporium leaped at the opportunity to work with KFM’s Make a Wish Initiative.   For years now, our team have been listening closely to the many heartfelt stories and although we are in... read more

First time flyers with children..need to know tips!

First time flyers with little ones, everything you will need to know and more… How to prepare yourself and your kids for a long flight What you need to know for first time flyers with your children is a very important part of your trip. Even just a little bit of... read more

Beach Baby! Summer Time Essentials for the beach

Beach Baby! The time to get excited is now! Going to the beach on a hot summers day, oh wow doesn’t that sound lovely. First off, let’s just get this out of the way: don’t expect trips to the beach with a baby to resemble beach trips in your former, pre-baby... read more

Summer Time Safety Tips For Your Kids

Spring cleaning is over and its time to embrace summer! So grab your swimsuits, because the lazy days of summer are here! With the right tools and preparation, summertime can be a relaxing and safe time for you and your family. Here are just a few ways to avoid... read more

Summer Time is here… 10 Tips for Summer Time!

Summer Time lives in our imaginations throughout the year because it nourishes our souls. The warmth….the fun…the sheer deliciousness. But mostly, the luxury of time (well for some of us), a short break from school. Time to explore, to make few new... read more

First Birthday! The time to celebrate is here…

The time is here for your little ones first birthday. It is definitely one of the most precious moments for you and your baby. Try not to get extremely stressed out before or on the day of this joyous celebration. It’s not just a special day for your bundle of... read more

Baby’s First Birthday! It is time to celebrate…

Your baby’s first birthday is certainly something to celebrate. However, while you might want to throw a party and buy her a special present, don’t feel pressured into going over the top. Your baby won’t appreciate such extravagance and small is definitely... read more

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